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Under Water Pelletizer for Thermoplastics

As you know, thermoplastics at low hardness are difficult to cut by strand, water ring and die face air cooling systems due to it being so sticky to be cut off. But with UWG, you can cut it off very easily. That is thanks to the perfect design of the UWG system.

COWELL UWG Advantages

  • Uniform temperature heating system
  • Optimized die head flow channel design enables stable outlet & uniform spherical pellets
  • Excellent heat insulation design
  • Automatically knife feed system
  • Customized design
  • HMI one key operation

Technical Specifications

Motor Power1.545.5111518.5
Speed (rpm0300030003000300030003000
No. of Holes2-612-1818-3642-7260-10072-120
Hole Diameter (mm)0.5-3.20.5-3.20.5-3.20.5-3.20.5-3.20.5-3.2
Heating Power ( kW)
Output (kg/hr)-100-300-500-1000-1500-2000


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