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TPU Reaction Extruder

TPU(Thermoplastic Urethanes)is widely used in shoes, cables, medical instruments, soft pipe, sports, etc

Basic components of TPU

  1. Polyol
  2. BDO
  3. MDI
  4. Additives

We can change the ratios of different components to get the hardness we want.

There are two processes for TPU

It is widely used in Automotive, Electrics, Consumer tools, transport tools, construction tools, etc

  1. Use the reactors for all components reactions. Then use melt pump and under water pelletizing system to make it into granule to get the TPU resin. Then we will use a twin screw extruder to modify the TPU properties as we want. Add some additives or other polymers to mix the TPU with other components, then use under water pelletizing system to get the granules.
  2. We can produce the TPU masterbatch in 1 step. Polyol, MDI, BDO, additives react in the reactors, and the melt goes to the twin screw extruder by a pouring machine, on the twin screw extruder, other additives or components will be added to compound with the polymerized TPU melt, thus getting the desired properties we want. Then use a under water pelletizing system to make it into a TPU masterbatch.

COWELL TPU one step Extruder Features

  1. Use high torque gearbox
  2. Low rotation speed to guarantee less shearing heat and extend the duration time
  3. L/D up to 64 to have a sufficient reaction
  4. Small clearance to avoid back flow of melt
  5. Ideal screw profile design for good reaction, dispersion and mixing.
  6. Cowell under water pelletizing system makes the pelletizing more smoothly

COWELL Extruder Proposed

Model Motor  kW L/D Rotation Speed  rpm Output  kg/hr
CWT52-Plus 90 60 400 180-200
CWT65-Plus 110 60 400 200-300
CWT75-Plus 160 60 400 350-400
CWT95-Plus 315 60 400 500-800

COWELL Under Water Pelletizer Proposed

Model Motor  kW Knife Feed No.of hole Heater Output  kg/hr
UW200 3 Pneumatic 18 Cartridge 100-250
UW300 5.5 Pneumatic 24 Cartridge 200-350
UW500 7.5 Pneumatic 36 Cartridge 400-500
UW800 11 Pneumatic 48 Cartridge 700-800


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