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Soft PVC Compounding Extruder

The disadvantage of soft PVC products is that plasticizer is easy to migrate. PVC resin, plasticizer, heat stabilizer, filler, pigment and other auxiliaries can be mixed and kneaded for granulation by extrusion method. With the addition of plasticizer, the plasticity, fluidity, softness and elongation of PVC were improved, the processability was improved, and the melting viscosity, glass transition temperature and elastic modulus of PVC products were decreased.

cable covering materials

Soft PVC products are widely used in packaging materials, wire and cable covering materials, artificial leather, wallpaper, agricultural film, as well as various sealing materials and ribbon products.

Technical Specifications of Extruder

Type 52/120 65/150 75/180 95/250
Screw Diameter (mm) 51.4 120 62.4 150 71 180 93 250
Screw Speed (rpm) 500 90 500 90 500 90 500 90
Motor Power (kw) 55 30 75 37 110 45 315 90
Throughput (kg/h) 200-400 400-600 600-900 800-1500

Two stage compounding extrusion line is very suitable for PVC processing. First stage is twin screw extruder; Second stage is single screw extruder.

Twin screw extruder is for conveying, high efficiency compounding and shearing dispersing, no counter pressure because of no die head, which avoid temperature peak and ensure high output.

Single screw is for cooling and building pressure, low speed extruding and pelletizing.

Excellent compounding effectiveness and high output because of two stage design.

Full automatic raw material proportioning supply system is used for accurate measurement and weighing. The weighing accuracy is within 1%, the closed feeding system has no leakage of raw materials, and the high degree of automation greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

PLC omnidirectional control system collects all kinds of data and provides man-machine interface. The whole process automatic control of raw material supply, extruder mixing granulation, final product packaging and make the records of extruder speed, current, temperature, pressure of process.


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