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  • CWL16-mini-Twin-Screw-Extruder
  • CWL25 Twin-Screw-Extruder
  • CWL35-Lab-Twin-Screw-Extruder
  • CWT-Eco

    CWT-Eco Twin Screw Extruder

    CWT-Eco twin screw extruder is a low torque but is very competitive in performance/price ratio. It is widely used in plastics compounding & extrusion.

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  • CWT-Mega Twin Screw Extruder

    CWT-Mega Twin Screw Extruder

    CWT-Mega twin screw extruder is a super high torque twin screw extruder which competes with European machines. High stability, big output, lower unit energy consumption.

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  • CWT-Plus Twin Screw Extruder

    CWT-Plus Twin Screw Extruder

    CWT-Plus twin screw extruder is the result of self-innovation, with our own modified high torque gearbox, making the capacity 40-50% higher, while the unit energy consumption is 20% lower than the last generation twin screw extruder.

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  • PET-Foam-Extrusion-Line

    PET Foam Extrusion Line

    PET foam board is low density, high strength, low water absorption, good performance in soundproof and heat insulation. As a structural foam material, the strength and stiffness will be greatly increased while the density keeps the same. It is widely used in wind power, rail transportation, boat, and Aerospace material.

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  • PLA-Foam-Extrusion-Line

    PLA Foam Extrusion Line

    As is known to us all, the plastic pollution is getting more and more serious all around the world. For the plastic dish plates, the whole world has more than 4 million consumptions, most of which is non-biodegradable.  In order to make our earth more green, COWELL has made his own contribution, we have develop the CO2 super-critical PLA foam extrusion line which can minimize the plastic pollution.

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  • Underwater pelletizer

    Underwater Pelletizer

    As a professional supplier of UWG system, COWELL has comprehensive experience on the know-how of different polymer processing.  With our unique heat insulation and die plate design, it can process wide range of polymers, such as thermo plastics, hot melt, masterbatches, engineering plastics etc.

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  • XPE-Foam-Extrusion-Line

    XPE Foam Extrusion Line

    XPE is is a kind of chemical cross-link PE foam with closed hole structure. It is made by LDPE compounding with coupling agent and foaming agent with continuous high temperature foaming. Compare to EPE, which is a physical foaming product, the tensile strength is higher, the foam hole is smaller. It is the ideal choice for automotive, air conditioner heat insulation. And it is widely used for sports facilities in recent years, such as surfboard, moisture-proof pad, yoga made,etc.

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  • XPS-Foam-Extrusion-Line

    XPS Foam Extrusion Line

    Based on polymer extrusion process technology, polymer rheology and supercritical physical micro foaming technology as the forerunner, Cowell Extrusion develops, designs and manufactures all kinds of new polymer foaming processing equipment and applies them in various fields.

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