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Reaction Extruder for PMMA

What is PMMA?

PMMA (Organic Glass) is a product polymerized by acrylic acid and lipid polymer. It is the best transparent material up to now.


  1. Smooth surface
  2. Low bulk density
  3. Good strength
  4. Anti-corrosion, Water Resistance
  5. Good electric & Sound insulation


PMMA is widely used in the light industry, construction industry, chemicals, etc. Also, it is used in advertisement, decoration, and sand table model, such as signage, billboard, light box and letter board.


Use a glass reactor for continuous polymerization, put reaction monomer, dissolvent, additives after weighing to the preparation kettle, load the mixture to the input chamber after sufficient mixing, than pumping the mixing to the reactor by a gear pump, when it get a certain conversion rate under a proper temperature,the melt pump at the bottom of the reactor will pump it to our twin screw extruder for devolatilization and degassing, then use a strand cutting system to make it into PMMA granules.

Flow Chart for PMMA Reaction Process

COWELL Extruder advantage for PMMA polymerization

  1. High torque with low speed
  2. Big free volume
  3. Low rotation speed can make the material stay long to guarantee a sufficient reaction and degassing.
  4. Special designed screw elements


More Applications

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