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PVC Compounding Line for Zhongtai Chemicals

COWELL CTS65-180 cascade extruder ordered by Zhongtai Chemicals, the largest PVC resin supplier in China. In order to expand their products range,they initiated a 350000 T annual production plan for PVC compounds since 2019. COWELL was selected as the extruder supplier among their various equipment suppliers.

COWELL provides turn-key projects for them, the components of the line are as follows:

  1. Loading system: Vacuum loaders and auger loader
  2. Gravimetric feeders
  3. Heating/Cooling mixer
  4. Gravimetric feeder
  5. CTS65-180 cascade extruder
  6. Eccentric die face cutting system
  7. Cyclone separator with water jacket cooling
  8. Vibrator with air cooling
  9. Air blower and silo with water cooling
  10. Packing system

This line is flexible both for rigid PVC and soft PVC compounding with very high quality thanks to the perfect screw profile and the accurate temperature controlling system. We not only ensure the excellent mixing and dispersion of the ingredients but also minimize the shearing heat which would damage the PVC melt since PVC is so sensitive to overheat. The temperature controlling system includes accurate heating control and a sufficient cooling loop. On our extruder, the temperature control accuracy could be done within 1 centigrade.

Moreover, COWELL has supplied Zhongtai Chemical with another cascade extruder for in-line extrusion.  That is the compounding is completed and then the extruder connects with a blow molding for film blow directly. That is our unique innovation in this PVC film technology cooperated with customers. This technology gives more advantages as followings:

  1. Save the cost of the pelletizing system and additional blow film extruder
  2. Save the space of the equipment
  3. Avoid reheated process in another single screw extruder, which might damage the PVC    


  • Save energy, with this direct blow film technology, customers can save the energy cost of the pelletizing system, cooling system, and additional extruder power. This could make the energy cost greatly down and make PVC film more competitive in the market.


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