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XPS Foam Extrusion Line


Based on polymer extrusion process technology, polymer rheology and supercritical physical micro foaming technology as the forerunner, Cowell Extrusion develops, designs and manufactures all kinds of new polymer foaming processing equipment and applies them in various fields.

XPS Foam Extrusion Line

From the mature and stable production line of CO2 foamed XPS sheet, to the fully bio-degradable production line of PLA foamed sheet, from the EPP/EPE micro bead foamed extrusion line to the production line of PET foamed sheet, Cowell Extrusion provides a full solutions.



Supercritical CO2 injection system

Accurate measurement and injection of supercritical CO2 is one of the key injection processes for physical foaming.It involves not only accurate temperature control, pressure control, mass flow control but also the balance of the parameters of the production process.Because the operation range of supercritical CO2  foaming is very narrow, accurate measurement and injection play a crucial role in the successful use of supercritical CO2 foaming.Based on the physical characteristics of supercritical CO2, Cowell Extrusion has designed an injection system that ensures the supercritical CO2  can be accurately measured and stably injected.

Cowell Extrusion can provide the most mature supercritical CO2  injection system solutions in China, covering high and low CO2  injection process kits, and can provide customized solutions according to the actual needs.

Technical Specifications:

Model | Output (kg/hr) 200 350 500 800 1000 1250 1500

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