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XPE Foam Extrusion Line


XPE is is a kind of chemical cross-link PE foam with closed hole structure. It is made by LDPE compounding with coupling agent and foaming agent with continuous high temperature foaming. Compare to EPE, which is a physical foaming product, the tensile strength is higher, the foam hole is smaller. It is the ideal choice for automotive, air conditioner heat insulation. And it is widely used for sports facilities in recent years, such as surfboard, moisture-proof pad, yoga made,etc.

XPE Foam Extrusion Line

Advantage of XPE Foam Sheet:

– Buffer: It is a semi -hard foam, it is not lost after being strongly impacted. It is mostly used in the fields of precision instruments, semiconductor packaging, etc. At the same time, it can also be used in the production field of sports protective supplies and leisure supplies.

-Forming: It has strong heat resistance, good extension performance, and uniform density, which can achieve deeper forming of vacuum molding and thermal forming. Therefore, it can be used for interior parts and shoe materials such as automotive air -conditioning evaporation cabinets and car thermal pressure top sheds.

-Sound absorption: It has the function of sound absorption and noise, and is suitable for strong noise equipment such as aircraft, railway vehicles, vehicles, electric motors, etc., and sound -absorbing and sound insulation materials in the environment.

-Heat Insulation: Its subtle independent air bubble structure can effectively reduce the energy exchange caused by air -to -flow, and it is suitable for making insulation pipes and insulation boards. And it has both defense and exposure, which is very suitable for insulation materials for the humid environment such as refrigerators, air conditioners and cold storage

In addition, XPE also has the performance of non -toxic, tasteless, drug -resistant, oil resistance, acid resistance, halogen resistance and other types of chemicals, and is very easy to process. Energy -saving and environmentally friendly materials will definitely have broad development prospects.

Technical Parameters:

Model Screw dia. mm Cooling Thickness  mm Foam Rate With of Foam Sheet  mm Capacity


CWS150 150mm Air cooling+water cooling 3-12 Up to 40 1000-2600 180-220
CWS160 160mm Air cooling+water cooling 3-12 Up to 40 1000-2600 250-300
CWS180 180mm Air cooling+water cooling 3-12 Up to 40 1000-2600 300-380

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