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PLA Foam Extrusion Line


As is known to us all, the plastic pollution is getting more and more serious all around the world. For the plastic dish plates, the whole world has more than 4 million consumptions, most of which is non-biodegradable.  In order to make our earth more green, COWELL has made his own contribution, we have develop the CO2 super-critical PLA foam extrusion line which can minimize the plastic pollution.

PLA Foam Extrusion Line

During the constant foaming process, the cleating and growing of bubbles is the main influence to the foam products. While the factors which effect the bubbles cleating and growing is the processing parameters, such as pressure, temperature, shearing, surely the raw materials function, size also effect it.  So we can improve the processing parameters to control the bubble cleating and growing to improve the quality.

What we do on our unique PLA foam extrusion line specially?

  1. We convey the Super Critical CO2 by a precise close-loop injection system, insuring the accurateconveying of the CO2 and it is at the super critical
  2. Increase the mixing and dispersion screw elements to improve the capability and contact area of the CO2 and polymer, thus the mixing and dispersion will be sufficient
  3. The injection port is located at the second stage of extruder, It will prevent the back flow of CO2 which might causes the unstable to the system.
  4. Accurate controlling for the screw speed and the temperature is essential to improve  the melt pressure and viscosity, increase the solubility & dispersion of CO2.

Technical Parameters

Model | Output (kg/hr) 150 250 350 500 800


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