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PET Foam Extrusion Line


PET foam board is low density, high strength, low water absorption, good performance in soundproof and heat insulation. As a structural foam material, the strength and stiffness will be greatly increased while the density keeps the same. It is widely used in wind power, rail transportation, boat, and Aerospace material.

PET Foam Extrusion Line

Thanks to the full knowledge of XPS and PLA foam board extrusion, COWELL has achieved the PET foam board continuous extrusion with super-critical CO2 injection technology. It is a mile stone in COWELL history. We ranks in top suppliers of PET foam board extrusion technology and equipment in China.


  1. Drying system
  2. Loading system
  3. Gravimetric feeding system
  4. Super-critical CO2 injection system
  5. High torque twin screw compounding system
  6. Special designed single screw extruder
  7. Static Mixer
  8. Mold
  9. Leveling machine
  10. Haul off machine
  11. Cooling rack
  12. Cutting machine
  13. Stacker

Technical Parameters

Model Screw Dia. mm Screw Speed rpm Motor Power  kw Output  kg/hr
CFE95-250 93 250 300 70 280 110 600-700

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