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CWT-Mega Twin Screw Extruder

CWT-Mega twin screw extruder is a super high torque twin screw extruder which competes with European machines. High stability, big output, lower unit energy consumption.

Super High Torque Twin Screw Extruder

CWT-Mega Twin Screw Extruder Technical Specifications

Model CWT52-Mega CWT65-Mega CWT75-Mega CWT95-Mega CWT135-Mega
Screw Diameter ( mm) 51.4 62.4 71 93 133
Screw Speed (rpm) 900 900 900 900 900
Motor Power (kw) 185 315 400 900 1300
L/D Ratio (Max.) 68 68 68 68 68
Output (kg/hr) 300-600 600-1300 800-2000 1200-3200 2500-6000


Twin Screw Extruder Screw Configuration

-European gearbox (PIV, Zambello, Henschel)


COWELL applies Europe origin high torque gearbox for its CWT-Mega twin screw extruders. The quality and durability are more convincing to our customer who requires higher standard twin screw extruders for their application. The specific torque is big, making it a more stable operation. There are some trustable and famous good quality gearbox brands we have cooperated with, such as Zamebllo, Henschel, PIV, etc.


European safety clutch (Bibby, Compomac), enables fast protection for the machine.



With a Europe high-quality gearbox, the Europe origins safety clutch is a must for the extruder. The quality, accuracy, torque and action time of Europe origins safety clutch are excellent enough to make sure your twin screw extruder is well protected when gets emergency incidents.


Europe Origins HIP Screw & Barrel

Optimized screw design, increase the output and reduce the energy.

German origins HIP materials, making the extruder parts more wear-resistance, & corrosion-resistance. Minimize the replacement time of parts, and improve operation efficiency.

In order to meet the requirements of good durability of screw and barrel, making it to compete with European twin screw extruder, some higher quality materials will be used in our CWT-Mega twin screw extruder as well as CWT-Plus twin screw extruder to make the screw and barrel more wear-resistant, reduce the replacing time for the customer which can enable customer not only running the machine continuously but also save the maintenance time, thus saving the cost and create more for customers.
The HIP material, which originated in Germany or the USA, is 4 times more wear-resistant than that common metals.


Customized Screw Profile

To make excellent masterbatches, mixing and dispersion is the critical factor. While the screw profile design determines the effect of mixing and dispersion of different components. COWELL professional technicians will give you a perfect screw profile design specially for your specific applications.


Infrared Heater

As the energy crisis all over the world is facing, COWELL has dedicated its best to save energy by using different efficient heating systems for your extruders.
The infrared heater has been tested for a few years on COWELL twin screw extruder, the result turns very efficient compared to the heating band. It not only speeds up the heating time but also the energy consumption could be 30%+ lower than traditional heating bands. It contributes more profit to you, meanwhile contributes to the environment protection, making our earth greener. All this, COWELL will help to do for you.


Smart HMI Monitoring & Controlling System

COWELL has smart HMI monitoring & controlling system for the whole system without pushing different buttons and without any records.


In this system, the screw speed, feeding rate, cooling, heating, etc will be controlled and monitored absolutely accurate.
What’s more, you can save your different formulas and the operation data there, next operation will be easily taken out without resetting all parameters again. Easy access and operation are achievable. One key start.
A remote control function enables COWELL to help from the office to solve the issues.
All those are thanks to the continuous improvement of PLC and touch screen technology. COWELL makes this control and monitors easily for you.


Efficient Driving System

Efficient-Driving-System Eco-Friendly-Energy-System


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