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PLA Compounding Extruder

In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution and energy shortage has become increasingly serious. Academia and industry are looking for recyclable environment-friendly green materials to replace petroleum-based materials, which can significantly reduce the dependence on increasingly scarce oil resources and is conducive to sustainable development. Among them, polyester biodegradable polymer materials have attracted much attention. Polyester biodegradable polymer materials are made of all kinds of natural animals and plants and renewable resources. They are renewable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and biocompatible. They have a very broad development and application prospect.

Among many biodegradable polymers, PLA is one of the most researched, produced and commercialized biodegradable materials.

PLA is an aliphatic polyester synthesized from renewable resources. It is widely used in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, packaging and clothing due to its good biocompatibility, transparency and mechanical strength. However, PLA has a low elongation at break and great brittleness, which limits its wider application. The compounding modification of PLA with PBAT, ESR and other degradable materials can solve this problem.


Technical Specifications of Extruder

Technical Specifications of Extruder

Due to the high viscosity of PLA during processing, the degradable material is easy to decompose and carbonize at a certain temperature.

The twin screw extruder needs high torque and low speed.

L / D should not be too long. If the L / D is too long, it is easy to decompose because of the long residence time.

Combination of main feed and side feed.

It is suitable for air-cooled pelletizing or water-cooling and dehumidification drying.

Need vacuum packaging system.


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