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PET Recycling Line

Since the global environment is getting worse, the whole society is calling for urgent action to protect our earth. Massive measures are undertaken to reduce the damage to our environment.

Plastic renewable solutions are getting more and more popular throughout the world, as a responsible company, COWELL is trying to innovate more solutions to make our world greener. Of which, PET recycling is one of the solutions which we provided to our customers who engage in this action.

COWELL provide a twin screw extruder for PET recycling. Compare to single screw extruder recycling, twin screw has dominant advantages. Such as free drying, free crystallization, high efficiency, and less IV drop.

All those above mentioned are related to a good knowledge of how to recycle PET whatever flakes, films or another status of PET.

  • Reasonable screw configuration. A good screw configuration/profile can help PET melt with less shear, thus less shearing heat generated.
  • High torque low speed twin screw extruder is necessary
  • An efficient degassing system is a must for PET recycling. It can take out the moisture and low molecular from the barrel, which might drop the IV significantly. Moreover, the PET granules will be more transparent by doing so.
  • A sufficient screen changer is needed to filter the residues from the PET melt.

The final usage of the PET recycled granules:

  • PET sheet A/B/A structure. It could be used for the B layer, while the A layer is virgin PET for package purposes.
  • PET bottles. Some of the good quality PET granules could be used for PET bottle production, depending on the IV and purity
  • PET straps
  • PET cartons

Typical PET Recycling Extruder

ModelMotorL/DScrew SpeedOutput


PVC Compounding Line

PVC Compounding Line for Zhongtai Chemicals

COWELL CTS65-180 cascade extruder ordered by Zhongtai Chemicals, the largest PVC resin supplier in China. In order to expand their products range,they initiated a 350000 T annual production plan for PVC compounds since 2019. COWELL was selected as the extruder supplier among their various equipment suppliers.

Additive Masterbatch Extruder Line

Additive Masterbatch Extruder Line

The CWT52-Plus high torque twin screw compounding line in our Indian customer factory is used for their PET additive masterbatch production. Their additive masterbatches range

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