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PET Recycling Line

As the biggest packing material in the world, PET is widely used in food, chemicals and pharmacy packing. In China, there are billions of PET bottles used which cost more than hundreds of thousand of PET raw materials. While the production hardly meets the market demands.

Further, plastics will cost pollution to the environment.
How to make PET waste recycled is a hot topic in recent years. It is not only good for our earth but also can balance the demands for PET resins.

With the liability to the world environment, making our earth greener, COWELL has developed a new extruder to recycle the PET flakes to PET granules with very low IV drop, making it bottle to bottle grade.

Machine components for PET recycling

  • Crusher: Crush the PET parts, such as bottles, scraps, etc
  • Label separator: Separate the labels which are not made of PET
  • Washing machine: Wash the PET flakes
  • Drying machine: Remove the water or moisture
  • Feeder: Feed the PET flakes to the extruder
  • High torque twin screw extruder: Melt the PET flakes, building extrusion pressure
  • Strand pelletizing system: Cut PET into granules

COWELL extruder features for less IV drop

  • Low speed & high torque
    • Low speed to make sure the shear heat is controlled within a reasonable range.
    • High torque enables you can get a higher output
  • Ideal screw profile design
    • A good screw profile design is the key to controlling the IV drop. On one hand, we need to make the PET flakes have a good melting in the screw, on the other we need to control the shearing heat generated, which will make the IV drop and color change to PET. With a smooth screw profile, we can control it in good quality.
  • Strong vacuum system
    • A good vacuum system is necessary for PET recycling. During the process, it can take the low molecular and moisture out of the barrel. Low molecular and moisture are other reasons which affect the IV and transparency of PET.
  • Accurate temperature control & enough cooling capacity for the barrel
    • Even though we have an ideal screw profile to minimize the shearing heat, it can not be zero. So a good temperature control system and enough cooling capacity are a must for PET.

Extruder Parameters for PET recycling

ModelMotor  kwL/DRotation speed   rpmOutput  kg/hr


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