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Food Extruder

TVP(textured Vegetable Protein) is a kind of protein product rich in high protein and with muscle fiber structure produced by using low-temperature soybean meal, soybean protein isolate and grain protein as the main raw materials.

The application of TVP products in meat products such as tribute balls, lion heads, sausage products, and meat products (such as quick-frozen dumplings and quick-frozen wontons) can replace some meat raw materials and reduce product costs; Proper application can make the product have good texture, peeling and chewing feeling, and can greatly reduce the cost. Applied to the processing of vegetarian products, the high protein content increases the nutritional value of the product and brings good taste characteristics to the product.
COWELL team has rich experience and know-how on the TVP food extruder design from the raw material dealing system, compounding system to the pelletizing system. The whole food extruder line meets the requirement of food industry standard.

Food Extruder

Extrusion Solutions for Food Manufacturing

Dust-free loading system

Since the raw material is soybean powder, due to the sanitary requirements, a dust-free loading system is a must for those materials in powder.

Loss-in-weight feeding system

In order to make a qualified taste, the different ingredients should be dosed into the next processing machine at an accurate ratio defined. COWELL loss-in-weight feeder can make every small ingredient be fed at a very precise and accurate rate.


All ingredients will be premixed in the pre-conditioner before flowing into the food extruder.

Liquid/vapour injection machine

A liquid/vapour injection machine is used to add water/ vapour into the food extruder barrels to aging the mixture in order to extract the proteins which will be used in the post products.

Twin screw extruder

The twin screw extruder is one of the most important parts of food processing. The screw profile, screw elements design, temperature control, screw speed, back pressure control, etc. COWELL food extruder has a perfect solution for you.

Pelletizing system

COWELL can design the shape of the die according to the shape of your product, with a special design, it just takes you 1-2 minutes to replace the die with the plug-in. The fast open cover allows you to disassemble the die head quickly when you do the troubleshooting or cleaning of the food extruder when need to change the formula.

Controlling system

COWELL's customized controlling system for the food extruder enables you to run the food extruder fully automatically. All parameters are interlocked to each other for safety. An accurate temperature control module could avoid burning the mixture at high temperatures. Rotation speed, feeding rate, and pelletizing speed could be balanced and run synchronously.

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COWELL team is extraordinary experience in various applications based on their rich working experience in the past decades. We could give perfect solutions to your requirements with our know-how on extruder design and material processing.
The most important is that a customized solution on your extruder project is available for you from our team. Any difficult process could be done on our lab extruder and analyse the possibility to make it succeed on the scale production extruder. Some special design which helps to make the qualified product are available here from us.
We not only provide extruder, but we provide the whole turn-key system for you. Making your product more competitive on the market. We create value for you.

We are extruder producer, and our customers have different requirements and abilities to afford the extruders. So we divide three types of twin screw extruders with different torque levels to meet the specific requirements for the customers with different requests.

Firstly, all the extruders sold will be guaranteed by COWELL. We will 12 months warranty after commissioning in the customer plant. And if customer delays to the start-up of extruders, we can make the guarantee time up to 18 months.

Secondly, COWELL team will use the best quality parts for the extruder, all parts will be strictly inspected before installed on your extruder. The quality, accuracy of parts could be guaranteed before installation.

Thirdly, when the extruder dispatched, all the designs, drawing, extruder specifications, will be filed , this will be very much helpful to capture all the details when we need to services for your extruder.

Forthly. All extruders delivered to customer will go with our detailed instruction manuals, including pre-start check up, operation steps, electrical check up, trouble shooting, etc. Customer could easily find out where the problem is, and reset the machine.

Lastly, we have on-line English speaking service engineers to guide you how to do the trouble shooting if you can not solve it. They are not only capable of solve your problem, but also you can get very valuable advice from them when you wanna do some new products.

Lead time varies according to the extruder model, applications and complex of the extruders
Normally we have large stock for the standard extruder parts, that will be done within a very shot time. If the machine is a totally customized, we need to confirm all the details before production in case any small mistake which could affect the final quality of the extruder. The possiblle lead time will be discussed between both parties.
We have different choices for transport of the extruder, sea freight, railway freight, air freight.
All the extruders will be well-packed by wooden boxes, further more, in order to avoid the rust of extruder parts, we will use the anti-rust oil for the screw & nuts which are easily get rusted during the sea freight, after that a plastic film will be wrapped around the extruder and other auxiliaries. With those well protection, we can make sure the extruder get to customer site at a brand new situation.

We have different steps to reach the final proposals
Step 1, we need customer to provide a basic needs information for the extruder, The raw materials they are gonna process on our extruder, a basic formula provided will help a lot for the proposals. The throughput they prefer to get from our extruder. For what purpose of the final products be used after get from our extruder.
Step 2, Our team will prepare for a basic proposal for the customer reference, if the customer have different ideas, we can discuss with each other to optimize the proposal until they are satisfied. During the discussions, more detailed information needed from customer,that depends on the different applications.

We have plenty of extruder parts in stock, for the standard parts, we can deliver them immediately by DHL. Customer could receive them with a very few days.
For the non-standard parts, we will produce them as priority, making the delivery time as fast as we can.
We normally give advice on spare parts list when quote the extruder, customer could select them according to their needs.

During the pandemic, we have updated our extruder connections, just to make sure customer could make it running easily and conveniently.
The extruder and auxiliaries will be carefully tested before delivery, we will send testing video to customer to show that the extruder is tested. If there is any problem, we will solve it immediately.

All the wire/cable connections will be by a fast aviation plug, customer dont need to connect those cables one by one, just plug in/out.

For PLC/ HMI control, we have remote control for the customer, if customer have any trouble on the machine operation, we can help to solve remotely.

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