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Extruder for PP with Glass Fiber

PP reinforced with glass fiber is a compounding and modification process based on PP, glass fiber and additives. The purpose is to improve the strength of PP, making it a wide range of applications. It is widely used in the structure parts.

The advantage of PP fiber glass reinforce:

  • It is more temperature resistant.
  • The shrinkage is getting less
  • The impact resistance is improved greatly
  • Many other properties have been greatly improved, such as extension strength, compressive strength, bending strength,

Compounding Process

The basic components needed for this application:

Raw material dealing system:

Gravimetric feeder/ premixer+ volumetric feeder

Side feeder

Twin Screw Extruder

High torque side feeder is highly suggested in order to get a higher speed & torque. Save energy 15%. An ideal screw profile is very important, on one hand, we have to make the glass fiber, PP, additive a good mixing and dispersion, on the other hand, we need to keep a certain length of the glass fiber in order to get a better property.

Strand Pelletizing system

This system includes strand die head, water bath, air knife and pelletizer.

Machine Proposed

Model Motor  (kW) L/D Rotation speed  (rpm) Output  (kg/hr)
110 48-52 600/900 300-400
CWT65-Plus 160 48-52 600/900 400-700
CWT75-Plus 250 48-52 600/900 700-120


Extruder for PP with Glass Fiber
Extruder for PP with Glass Fiber

Extruder for PP with Glass Fiber


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Extruder for PA with glass fiber

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