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Extruder for PA with glass fiber

Reinforced nylon masterbatch is made of nylon with glass fiber & additives.
It has excellent properties and is widely used in electrical tools, automotive, mechanical parts, sports parts, office facilities, etc

Extruder for PA with fiber glass

Characteristics of Nylon reinforced fiber glass:

  • Excellent mechanical property
  • Good heat resistance
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good self-lubrication and wear resistance
  • Good coloring property
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Good for injection molding

Compounding Process

The process includes the following parts:

  1. Dryer for nylon
  2. Feeding system
    • Gravimetric feeders/ volumetric feeder+ premixer
    • Side feeder
  3. High torque twin screw extruder
    • The screw profile is specially designed for nylon. With less screw volume, smaller screw clearance to minimize the duration of polymers. But on the other hand, need to be strong for fiber glass cutting, mixing and well dispersed in the barrel.
  4. Strand pelletizing system
    • Including strand die head, water bath, air knife, and pelletizer.

Machine Proposed

ModelMotor  kwL/DRotation speed  rpmOutput  kg/hr


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