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Extruder for ABS/PC

ABS/PC compounds are widely used for automotive and appliance.

It combines the features of both ABS and PC. Improves the melt flow and processing, heat resistance, dimensional stability, anti-impact.

The basic formulation components

  1. ABS
  2. PC
  3. Anti-oxident
  4. Lubricant

The properties of ABS/PC components is not only related to the formulation, but also related to the processing of machines. Such as extruder temperature settings, screw profile, screw rotation speed. etc. Except the adjustment of formulations, we can also improve the properties by changing the extruder parameters.

Basic components of machines

  1. Gravimetric feeders/ Premixer+ Volumetric feeder
  2. Twin Screw Extruder
  3. Strand pelletizing system/ Under water pelletizing system

COWELL Extruder Advantages

  1. High torque gearboxes are equipped which increases the output and saves energy 15%. Gearboxes can be European brands or our own high torque gearbox.
  2. Smaller screw clearances to avoid back flow of melt.
  3. HIP materials for screw and barrels are optional for wear resistance, which minimize your replacement time.
  4. Stable temperature control. With the enlarged water cooling channel and good quality temperature controllers. The temperature tolerance could be controlled +- 1C,
  5. HMI controlling, could save the formulations and processing data. Enables 1 key to start operation.

COWELL Extruder Options

Model Motor  kW L/D Rotation speed  rpm Output  kg/hr
CWT40-Plus 45 40 600 100-150
CWT52-Plus 110 40 600 250-350
CWT65-Plus 160 40 600 400-600
CWT75-Plus 250 40 600 800-1100
CWT95-Plus 550 40 600 1500-2000
Extruder For ABS PC


More Applications

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