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CPVC Compounding Extruder

CPVC is a new kind of engineering plastic, which is made by chlorination modification of PVC resin. The heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the material to acid, alkali, salt and oxidant are greatly improved. The maximum operating temperature can reach 110 ℃, and the long-term service temperature is 95 ℃. Therefore, CPVC is a new engineering plastic with broad application prospects. If the PVC-C pipeline system is used to transport hot fluid, it can not only have the maximum operating pressure and service life, but also can effectively prevent the loss of fluid heat in the pipe, reduce the demand for auxiliary insulation facilities, and greatly improve the overall energy efficiency. It is the most economical plastic hot water pipeline system.


Technical Specifications of CPVC Compounding Extruder

CPVC Compounding Extruder

The processing temperature of CPVC should not be too high, which will cause CPVC decomposition. The temperature control of the barrel is very important after the extruder starts and runs normally.

CPVC is generally a powder, so special attention should be paid to dust prevention during processing, and operators should pay attention to wearing protective equipment.

Heat stabilizer should be added, and lubricant should be added to C-PVC products to facilitate subsequent extrusion molding.

CPVC, fillers, auxiliaries, pigments, etc. should be mixed at high speed before extrusion, and extrusion granulation should be conducted after mixing.


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