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Color Masterbatch – Twin Screw Compounding Line

COWELL has launched its CWT52-Mega twin screw compounding line for our Russian customer, the largest masterbatch manufacturer in Russia.
This machine is a multi-application extruder for color masterbatch, additive masterbatch, filler masterbatch and soft PVC masterbatch as the customer confirmed.
The machine is equipped with a European gearbox, safety clutch, solenoid valve and screw and barrel materials origins from Europe as well. Making the whole machine a Europe standard quality.

The basic data of the machine is as follows:

  1. Screw size: 52mm
  2. Motor: 185kw Siemens AC motor
  3. Rotation speed: 870 rpm
  4. Do/Di: 1.8
  5. L/D 52
  6. Capacity: 300-600kg/hr up to different applications
  7. Gravimetric feeder: Brabender
  8. Gearbox: Zambello TST
  9. Safety clutch: Bibby
  10. Screw and Barrel material: SAARMETAL
  11. Shaft: H13
  12. Solenoid valve: Burkert Germany
  13. PLC and touch screen: Siemens
  14. Inverter: Siemens

You can trust COWELL experts on any customized extruder for your special applications.

Typical Extruder customized:

ModelScrew diameterMotorScrew speedDo/DiOutput


PET Recyling Line (5)

PET Recycling Line

Since the global environment is getting worse, the whole society is calling for urgent action to protect our earth. Massive measures are undertaken to reduce

PVC Compounding Line

PVC Compounding Line for Zhongtai Chemicals

COWELL CTS65-180 cascade extruder ordered by Zhongtai Chemicals, the largest PVC resin supplier in China. In order to expand their products range,they initiated a 350000 T annual production plan for PVC compounds since 2019. COWELL was selected as the extruder supplier among their various equipment suppliers.

Additive Masterbatch Extruder Line

Additive Masterbatch Extruder Line

The CWT52-Plus high torque twin screw compounding line in our Indian customer factory is used for their PET additive masterbatch production. Their additive masterbatches range

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