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CFE52-120 XPS Foam Board Extrusion Line for Oriental Yuhong

This super-critical CO2 foam extrusion line CFE52-120 was customized for Oriented Yuhong, the biggest XPS board manufacturer in China. We already cooperated with each for many years. Not only provide the whole XPS foam board extrusion lines but also we provide services and solutions to modify and upgrade their existing lines for their different branches in China, helping to reduce their cost of XPS foam board with our unique know-how on XPS foam technology.

The whole line uses an oil temperature controlling unit(TCU), the temperature accuracy could be 0.5 centigrade.

In the barrel cooling of CWT52-Plus with 4 ways with proportional valve control, the heating exchange efficiency is over 80% compare to the normal barrel cooling.

We customized eccentric elongation kneading blocks in order to improve the mixing and dispersion of foam agent, also it can avoid the invalid consumption of the flame retardant.
Newly designed clamps connection between barrels with customized composite seal which could bear instant pressure 40Mpa while the normal working pressure is 30Mpa.

Patented screw design for the single screw extruder CWS120, multiple circulated cooling systems
with integral TCU, the cooling efficiency is over 150% of the standard single screw extruder
A dynamic sealing design for the single screw ends, which could keep the pressure of the whole system up to 50Mpa to meet the special product requires.

The XPS pilot extrusion line equipped with 5 way foaming agent injection system, could inject CO2, Ethanol, DME/Butane, HFO/HFC, etc. Also, customers could configure one or multiple foam agents based on their applications. Massive dual flowmeter could guarantee an accurate injection
We added the static mixer, accumulator and back pressure valve to the foam agent injection system, which could inject the foam agent stably without interference

In order to make the product more competitive and protect the environment, COWELL has to equip
a second foam device to make the XPS foam board lighter than normal without lower the
the physical strength of the XPS foam board. With our second foam device, the density of the foam
Board could be cut down by 10-15%.

XPS Foam Board Properties by COWELL Extruder:
Densiy:Min.22kg/cbm (Anti-pressure:150KPa);
Insulation rate:0.028-0.033; With graphene & customized additives insulation
rate could be min.0.025;


PET Recyling Line (5)

PET Recycling Line

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PVC Compounding Line

PVC Compounding Line for Zhongtai Chemicals

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Additive Masterbatch Extruder Line

Additive Masterbatch Extruder Line

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