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Black masterbatch extruder

Black masterbatch is not only the most commonly used color masterbatch in plastic processing but also the largest amount of color masterbatch. Suitable for many kinds of polymer matrix: PE, PP, EVA, PBT, PET, PA, etc. It is widely used in the injection molding of automotive plastic parts, the extrusion of plastic pipes, agricultural film and geotechnical materials production, etc.

Black masterbatch

The advantage of CWT extruder for making black masterbatch

  • Excellent price/performance ratio;
  • High torque extruder can achieve large output extrusion;
  • Reasonable exhaust design to remove moisture from raw materials;
  • 20-45% carbon black filling proportion, with high screw volume;
  • Suitable for various black pigments with different structures, fineness (10-200 mesh) and different bulk densities.

Compounding Process

The basic machinery composition for Black masterbatch:

Raw material dealing system

Gravimetric feeder/ premixer+ volumetric feeder
Exhaust side feeder is suggested for black pigment.

Twin Screw Extruder

According to the characteristics of black pigment, such as compact structure, easy agglomeration, fine and difficult to disperse, a special screw mixing element and screw combination structure are designed to achieve high filling and the product is uniformly dispersed and the product will not be degraded.

Pelleting system

A special underwater granulation system is adopted to improve the appearance quality of the products.
Strand pelletizing is also available for your requirement.

Machine Proposed

ModelMotor  kwL/DRotation speed  rpmOutput  kg/hr


More Applications

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