Under Water Strand

PET Recycling Line

As the biggest packing material in the world, PET is widely used in food, chemicals and pharmacy packing. In China, there are billions of PET

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Black masterbatch

Black masterbatch extruder

Black masterbatch is not only the most commonly used color masterbatch in plastic processing but also the largest amount of color masterbatch. Suitable for many

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PBAT Compounding Extruder

As a new type of material, plastic products have the advantages of being lightweight, waterproof, durable, mature production technology and low cost, which are widely

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PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET sheets are widely used in different industries, such as auto parts, food packaging, machinery, chemical products, etc Main Technical Specification Model Material Width Thickness

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cable covering materials

Soft PVC Compounding Extruder

The disadvantage of soft PVC products is that plasticizer is easy to migrate. PVC resin, plasticizer, heat stabilizer, filler, pigment and other auxiliaries can be

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CPVC Compounding Extruder

CPVC is a new kind of engineering plastic, which is made by chlorination modification of PVC resin. The heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the

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PLA Compounding Extruder

Due to the high viscosity of PLA during processing, the degradable material is easy to decompose and carbonize at a certain temperature.
The twin screw extruder needs high torque and low speed.
L / D should not be too long. If the L / D is too long, it is easy to decompose because of the long residence time.

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TPU Reaction Extruder

TPU(Thermoplastic Urethanes)is widely used in shoes, cables, medical instruments, soft pipe, sports, etc Basic components of TPU We can change the ratios of different components

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Extruder For ABS PC

Extruder for ABS/PC

ABS/PC compounds are widely used for automotive and appliance. It combines the features of both ABS and PC. Improves the melt flow and processing, heat

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Additive masterbatch

Additive masterbatch extruder

Additive masterbatch gives special functions to Plastic products, such as light, electricity, color, flame retardant, degradation, anti-aging, lubrication and so on, which contribute plastic products

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Filling Masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch Extruder

Filling masterbatch is a compounding and modification process, normally based on Polyolefin ( PP, PE etc ), filler( Caco3, Talc etc ), and additives (Dispersant,

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