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Additive masterbatch extruder

Additive masterbatch gives special functions to Plastic products, such as light, electricity, color, flame retardant, degradation, anti-aging, lubrication and so on, which contribute plastic products to a wider applications.

Your benefits with CWT extruder for making additive masterbatch

  • Good price/performance ratio;
  • High torque gearbox, high speed, big output;
  • Excellent dispersion due to optimum screw design and suitable elements selection;
  • Wide adaptability to different purpose with one extruder;
  • Faster delivery times plus international service;
  • Rich processing experience and excellent machinery quality ensures out-standing product quality.

Compounding Process

The basic machinery composition for Additive masterbatch:

Raw material dealing system:

Gravimetric feeder/ premixer+ volumetric feeder
Side feeder 

Twin Screw Extruder

Structured screw elements configuration and structured barrel configuration ensures a flexible purpose for different additive materbatch formula. With Long-term experience and continuous exploration of a strong technical team in various masterbatch compounding process, Cowell’s Twin screw extruder could meet customer’s needs perfectly of a flexible production.

Strand Pelletizing system/Under water Pelletizing system

Strand pelletizing system includes: Strand Die, Water bath, Air knife, pelletizer;

Under water pelletizing could improve the appearance quality of the final product and save manpower and labor cost.  

Machine Proposed

Model Motor  (kW) L/D Rotation speed  (rpm) Output  (kg/hr)
110 44 600/900 300-400
CWT65-Plus 160 44 600/900 400-700
CWT75-Plus 250 44 600/900 700-1200


Additive masterbatch extruder
Additive masterbatch extruder
Additive masterbatch extruder


More Applications

Color masterbatch

Color masterbatch extruder

Color masterbatch is mainly composed of Resin, Color Pigments, dispersants, and additives. It is widely used in PP, PE, PS, ABS, Nylon, PC, PMMA, PET

Under Water Strand

PET Recycling Line

As the biggest packing material in the world, PET is widely used in food, chemicals and pharmacy packing. In China, there are billions of PET

Extruder for PA with fiber glass

Extruder for PA with glass fiber

Reinforced nylon masterbatch is made of nylon with glass fiber & additives.It has excellent properties and is widely used in electrical tools, automotive, mechanical parts,

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