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Additive Masterbatch Extruder Line

The CWT52-Plus high torque twin screw compounding line in our Indian customer factory is used for their PET additive masterbatch production.

Their additive masterbatches range is the following:

  1. UV-stabilized masterbatch
  2. Optical bright masterbatch
  3. Anti-oxidant masterbatch
  4. Anti-block masterbatch
  5. Matt

Above mentioned various masterbatches are mostly used for the film industry like BOPET film. Meanwhile, those additive masterbatches are proved a good result for the textile industry like PSF, PSY POY.

Main Application of PET additive masterbatches:

  • BOPET film
  • PET sheet
  • PET straps
  • Molding
  • PET fiber/yarn
  • Recycled PET fiber/yarn

The complete compounding line includes the following parts:

  1. Feeding system: Gravimetric feeding or mixer+volumetric feeder
  2. High torque twin screw extruder
  3. Degassing system
  4. Screen changer
  5. Strand die head
  6. Water cooling strand pelletizer or underwater strand Pelletier
  7. Post-dealing systems such as vibrators, blowers and silos, packing system

Typical Machine for PET Additive Extruder

ModelMotorL/DScrew SpeedPelletizerOutput
CWT52-Plus110kw44600rpmStrand/under water strand300kg/hr
CWT65-Plus160kw44600rpmStrand/under water strand500kg/hr
CWT75-Plus250kw44600rpmStrand/under water strand800kg/hr

Tips: Thanks to the flexibility of the twin screw extruder, this kind of twin screw compounding solution can not only process additive masterbatch, but also it can process many other different masterbatches, such color masterbatch, filler masterbatch. Furtherly, it could do many other plastic compounding jobs on the same machine by changing the screw configuration properly. Such as engineering plastics, thermoplastics TPE, TPR,EVA, POE. All those needs, COWELL will give a perfect solution for each product you will do on the same machine.


PET Recyling Line (5)

PET Recycling Line

Since the global environment is getting worse, the whole society is calling for urgent action to protect our earth. Massive measures are undertaken to reduce

PVC Compounding Line

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